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New Series!



In this six session series, experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as we peer into the revelation of Jesus Christ as our heavenly Bridegroom, sovereign King, and righteous Judge!


"Thank you for your teachings that are transforming my life and my outlook as a Malaysian Pastor! I am looking forward to connecting with you to help our nation and house of prayer!"

"Corey Stark is an anointed, prophetic trumpet blast of God’s end-time revelation. There’s no substitute for the kind of intimacy with Jesus and knowledge of Word and Spirit that mark his ministry. Before he came to our mostly Southern Baptist community in Southern California, many of us had never heard or experienced the kind of messages and ministry he shared. It’s brought the Word to life in a whole new way and triggered a sense of urgency to go deeper with God. His ministry is the rare kind that brings lasting heart-transformation, not just more head knowledge, and I thank God for the wake-up call he's bringing for such a time as this."
– Kristine Noelle, Founder of Hosea House of Prayer, USA

MP3-CD Series Price: $29.98

MP3 Download: 3.98 (each)