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Brand New Teaching Series!



From eternity past, the Father has always desired to dwell in unhindered face-to-face communion with His people in the paradise-like conditions of the Garden of Eden on the earth forever. Many within the Church understand that we will enjoy the fullness of this reality in the

age-to-come, but few realize the Scriptural invitation that we’ve been given to access the presence of God right now by the power of the indwelling Spirit.When did we exchange our inheritance of encountering God with merely memorizing facts about Him that stimulate the mind, but do little to fascinate and transform the human heart?

In this eight-part series, you will gain biblical confidence in the LORD’s desire for intimate encounter, along with the practical tools necessary for you to experience the glory, pleasure and transforming power of encountering the Living God.

"Corey Stark is called for such a time as this—to lift up his voice about the beauty of Jesus and His plans for the church at the end of the age. His prophetic insight and anointed teaching stirs hearts and minds to study the Word of God and seek the face of God. Line upon line, precept upon precept, Corey brings clarity to what many find to be one of the most difficult books in the Bible—proving that anyone can understand God’s end-times plan". – Jennifer LeClaire, Founder of IHOP Fort Lauderdale and senior editor at Charisma magazine

MP3-CD Series Price: $39.98

MP3 Download: 3.98 (each)