Making the Book of Revelation Easy to Understand!

The primary purpose of the book of Revelation is to unveil the infinite beauty and transcendent majesty of Jesus, as the means to transform the Church into a mature Bride who prevails through the unique dynamics and unprecedented events of the end-times in great victory!  As we behold the glory of Jesus we are progressively transformed into the same image in preparation for mature partnership with Him in the restoration of all things.

I believe that anyone can learn the main storyline of the book of Revelation in less than one hour and be able to explain it to someone else in less than one day if they want to, because the Book of Revelation was simply written to be easily understood by everyone!  Of course, we will continue to gain greater insight into the book of Revelation and the person of Jesus Christ forever, but we don’t have to wait until the age-to-come to begin today!

Join me in this 7-day FREE course as we explore the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ and the infinite wisdom of His end-time plan to bring in the great harvest of souls, bring forth a mature bride and bring down everything that hinders love in one sweeping series of events called the great tribulation!